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Constructive Seminariology

The Study of My Seminary Experience

Sarah J. Blake
24 May 1972
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I started this journal in July, 2006, while preparing to enter the Master of Divinity program at Anderson University in Anderson, Indiana. My purpose is primarily to reflect on my experiences and chart my growth personally and professionally. Sometimes this means that I will also post notes from presentations, sermons, etc., that have influenced me.

My experiences are colored by the fact that I live with disabilities (blindness, chronic respiratory illness, arthritis, mild hearing impairment, and neurological conditions). Part of the seminary experience for me is learning how to live as a part of the body of Christ and participate as fully as I am able given the impact of my disabilities. This has always been a challengs for me; but my seminary experience has forced me to take a much closer look at what I need to do to make this possible and what I need from other people. This is not an easy process emotionally. I share it here in snatches because I believe that the emotional impact of living with disabilities is often a topic that is avoided and that this avoidance is harmful to people with disabilities in many ways. I hope that as I and my community grow together, other people and communities will also grow.

Please come and read and coment. I very much welcome dialogue regardless of whether we share the same faith.